Meadowlark Values

Meadowlark's core values are more than just words — they are the foundation of our decisions and actions. Our values represent who we are and the standard we hold ourselves to. We demonstrate our values through our actions.
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We Are Humble in Our Approach, But Bold in Our Ambitions and Aspirations
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We Want to “Partner” with Successful Entrepreneurs, Not Acquire Revenue
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We Don’t Believe in Disrupting a Successful Business and It's Culture
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We Believe Alignment of Interests is the Best Way to Sustain Motivation and Long-Term Growth
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By Having Access to Capital, Our Partner Agencies Will Benefit from the Creation of Shareholder Value via Meadowlark M&A Activity
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Being Part of Meadowlark Allows Entrepreneurs to Diversify Their Personal Portfolios While Not Giving Up Their Identity or Firm Culture
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Leverage the Strengths of a Larger Organization Resulting in Higher Margins and Above Market Organic Growth